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Mastering Wholesale Inventory: 3 Game-Changing Forecasting Strategies

Unlock the power of accurate inventory forecasting for your wholesale business!

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What will you learn from this eBook?

The importance of forecasting accuracy

Discover how accurate forecasting is key to effective inventory management, cost control, and business resilience.

The limitations of Excel & ERPs

Uncover the limitations of relying on Excel and ERPs for inventory forecasting.

How to select the right forecast technique

Understand when to apply each technique based on your specific business needs.

The best way to automate forecasting

Understand how advanced machine learning and statistical methods enhance accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

About the eBook

Mastering Wholesale Inventory: 3 Game-Changing Forecasting Strategies" is your essential guide to revolutionize inventory management.

Dive into the world of accurate demand forecasting, discovering the pivotal role it plays in optimizing stock levels, cutting costs, and enhancing business agility for wholesalers.

Uncover the challenges of relying on Excel or traditional ERP systems, and explore comprehensive strategies to overcome them. From delving into data analysis to choosing the right forecasting techniques and embracing automation, this eBook equips you with actionable insights.

Unlock the power of cloud-based solutions and five forecasting models to transform your wholesale business, ensuring precise predictions and long-term success.

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“AGR has helped us reduce our stock holding by 15% as well as saving us 50% resource requirements. At the same time we have added new product lines and maintained the very high service levels our customers have come to expect – a great result.”


“AGR works on item number level, so now we can get automatic forecasts for specific products. At the same time, the quality of the forecast is good, and the system has contributed well to reducing inventory levels, while increasing service levels.”


“After implementing AGR, we have lowered our inventory levels by over 30%, consequently freeing up valuable working capital and saving considerable time in the purchasing process.”