Laetitia Huillard: Navigating Cosmetics to Consultancy – AGR's Senior Supply Chain Consultant

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What was Laetitia’s Career Before AGR?

Laetitia journey through the cosmetics industry has been a varied and enriching one. Over 11 years, she delved into multiple roles within this sector, spanning customer service, forecasting, and stock management. Her career path led her across continents, from the United States to Dubai and back to France, providing a comprehensive understanding of supply chain intricacies in diverse market landscapes. Working with different companies, she gained insights into market dynamics, production intricacies—such as the technical aspects of makeup powder production—and the nitty-gritty details of supply chain operations. This multifaceted experience laid the groundwork for her transition to AGR in September 2023.

What Brought Laetitia to AGR?

Joining AGR stemmed from Laetitia's prior involvement in implementing the AGR system while working in cosmetics. Her extensive user experience with the system fuelled her excitement to take on a consultancy role, bridging the gap between client needs and technical solutions. Her ability to understand the system from a user's perspective significantly aids in training clients and effectively communicating their requirements to the AGR team.

Responsibilities at AGR

At AGR, Laetitia role as a Senior Consultant involves implementing and optimising the AGR system for clients. Serving as a vital link between clients and the technical team, she navigates client queries, facilitates tailored solutions, and ensures client satisfaction. Her role involves diving into project workshops, understanding client needs, and ensuring seamless project delivery. Her responsibilities encompass project management, advising on best practices, and maintaining coordination among different teams to meet project deadlines.

Challenges and Supply Chain Solutions

In the dynamic realm of supply chain consultancy, Laetitia faces the challenge of adapting to various company setups and operational methods. Post-implementation, she remains engaged in addressing additional client requirements and collaborating with technical teams to devise feasible solutions. This ongoing evolution and adaptability form the cornerstone of her role at AGR.

Areas of Expertise and Learning

Her expertise in the supply chain field stems from a diverse background. Her experience spans forecasting, production, and market dynamics within the cosmetics industry. Laetitia journey has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of different market segments and various supply chain functions, setting the stage for her consultancy role at AGR.

Staying Updated and Favourite Features

To stay updated with the latest trends, Laetitia actively utilises platforms like LinkedIn and engages with industry contacts. Her admiration for AGR's system lies in its user-friendly interface, engaging design, and the standout feature of automatic demand forecasting, striking a balance between automation and human input. Fascinated by AGR's user-friendly interface and automatic demand forecasting, Laetitia finds the system engaging and efficient. However, she values its balance between automation and human input, allowing for manual tweaks when necessary.

Favourite Projects and Milestones

While she refrains from picking a favourite project due to the unique challenges each brings, Laetitia recalls a significant achievement in setting up an S&OP process. This involved uniting disparate departments for collective decision-making and harnessing diverse and accurate data to support collaborative decision-making.

Envisioning the Future of Supply Chain to Come

Looking ahead, Laetitia envisions a future for supply chain management that is digital and environmentally conscious. She emphasises the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and global synchronisation in navigating the evolving landscape of supply chain dynamics. Her focus remains on considering ecological impacts throughout the supply chain, driving her commitment to a sustainable and resilient future.

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