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AI – A Game Changer in Supply Chain Demand Prediction

AI is poised to change how you manage your inventory!

  • Decision-making: Discover how AI can provide real-time insights and predictive analytics to make more informed decisions in inventory management.
  • Increased Automation: Learn how AI-powered automation can reduce manual tasks, minimize errors, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined workload: See how AI can ease the burden on your team by optimizing workflows and improving resource allocation.

Download our eBook to unlock the full potential of AI to transform your inventory management processes. Get expert insights to start increasing efficiency and saving costs today!

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What will you learn from this eBook?

What is AI-powered forecasting?

AI improves demand forecasting by combining historical data and market trends, making businesses more agile and accurate.

Blending AI and statistical forecasting for the best results

The combination of traditional statistical methods with AI techniques offers supply chain managers a balanced approach to forecasting, leveraging the strengths of both methods.

Data preparation and empowerment

To take full advantage of AI-powered forecasting, your data needs to be clean and accessible.

Seasonal AI solution

Integrate AI for better seasonality, new item management, and faster pattern recognition.

About the eBook

AI represents a major step in supply chain management that goes beyond traditional statistical methods. By combining machine learning and advanced analytics, businesses can gain deeper insights into consumer behavior and market dynamics. To fully leverage AI, robust data, organizational support, and a strategic mindset are required. The AI's ability to integrate historical sales data with external factors allows demand fluctuations to be accurately predicted, optimizing inventory levels.

Techniques like XGBoost demonstrate the potential of AI by handling sparse data and unexpected sales spikes effectively. The combination of AI and traditional methodologies provides supply chain managers with a balanced approach, with AI particularly standing out in complex and dynamic environments.

Data preparation is crucial as AI's effectiveness depends on clean and accessible data. By embracing AI, businesses can improve their ability to handle seasonal trends, new items, and rapidly changing patterns.

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“AGR has helped us reduce our stock holding by 15% as well as saving us 50% resource requirements. At the same time we have added new product lines and maintained the very high service levels our customers have come to expect – a great result.”


“AGR works on item number level, so now we can get automatic forecasts for specific products. At the same time, the quality of the forecast is good, and the system has contributed well to reducing inventory levels, while increasing service levels.”


“After implementing AGR, we have lowered our inventory levels by over 30%, consequently freeing up valuable working capital and saving considerable time in the purchasing process.”

Rosendahl Design
Logistics Director

«Vores prognoser spiller en stor rolle her, og vi må sige, at vi er utroligt tilfredse med vores løsning fra AGR. Den er nem at bruge, hurtig at lære for nye medarbejdere, og den fungerer godt med vores løsning fra Microsoft Dynamics AX.»

Søstrene Grene
Head of Supply Chain

«I dag kan vi mere nøjagtigt estimere salgsvolumenerne i butikkerne, fordi vi baserer distributionen af varer på salgshistorik og prognose.»