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Turbocharge your automotive business: Unlock sales potential, optimise stock, and drive success with AGR

The automotive industry is one that we know requires constant adaptation and agility in order to steer successfully.

AGR’s Inventory Optimisation solution provides the necessary Supply Chain visibility and deep insights into your data as well as the confidence needed for you to sell more, while holding less stock!

‘Dealing with multiple warehouses, lead times and vendors has become a much simpler process. We have been able to manage our lead times much more effectively after implementing the AGR system and we were impressed with the fact that stock-outs have reduced despite the impressive drop in inventory levels,” - JYSK

By leveraging the above this frees up time for purchasing and procurement personnel to focus on value added tasks such as negotiating better rates/service with existing suppliers.

Challenges you may be facing:

  • Struggling to take control of your demand forecasting and optimising your entire process from allocating, utilising analytics?
  • Trying to achieve end to end visibility of your supply chain to efficiently manage risks and decision making and free up time?
  • Struggling to find a balance between sourcing globally and locally and also benefit from short lead times?

What’s in it for you?

  • Respond to frequent changes in supply and demand: Use your existing sales data to pick up on trends to generate forecasts and safety stock recommendations. More accuracy gives better plans, less business risk, and less capital tied up in stock for you to meet high demand
  • Adjust service Levels/availability accordingly: By periodically benchmarking your current forecast accuracy against your earlier forecast accuracy allows you to measure your improvement. React to supply chain disruptions before they impact your supply chain and maximise your sales.
  • ABC Analysis: It enables you to categorize your inventory and identify high-value, fast-moving items that have the biggest impact on your bottom line and customer satisfaction. The AGR system calculates ABC levels on all six dimensions: revenue, sold quantity, profit, sales lines (pick), cost price, and cost of goods sold, simply for your information and cross-analysis

We have reduced the overall time spent on the purchasing process while producing more accurate forecasts and increasing our analysis of items that contribute the most to our bottom-line.” - JYSK

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