Inventory Optimisation and Order Management

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Inventory Optimisation

Inventory optimisation is key for improving efficiency, streamlining your inventory, boost productivity, and eliminate waste in your supply chain. Easy and transparent tool that balances inventory levels in warehouses & stores, allows you to maintain a high service level and empowers the user, while everyone works from one version of the truth.

Service Level Settings

Control and set your desired service levels according to the ABC categorisation of your items that enables you to identify the items that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Automatic Calculations

Automatically calculate the safety stock for each item, according to its service level and taking lead times into account, for each location, to streamline your inventory and optimise your supply chain.

Multi-echelon Inventory Optimisation

Set parameters to control where safety stock is stored to further optimise your inventory and avoid bullwhip affects in the supply chain.


Improve efficiency and accuracy within your business, while minimising manual work by automatically allocating incoming purchase orders to stores.

Allocation Rules

Calculate allocation proposals based on sell-through or forecasted sales to optimise delivery quantity to each location.

Hold back percentages

Set the warehouse hold-back minimum for each purchase order and the system will automatically distribute the quantity down to item level.

Automatic Recalculation

Create initial allocation proposals and let the system recalculate allocation quantities once the purchase order has been delivered.

Order Constraints

Optimise order proposals to meet economic ordering needs, such as number of pallets, weight, quantity, value, or days covered. Split or combine orders based on any constraints, such as a single order per container.

Container Optimisation

Use order constraints to optimise container space, making sure that you fill each one with the right items that will positively impact your bottom line.


Automatically apply constraints, with predetermined thresholds, either on location or vendor level. This will enable you to improve efficiency and simplify the order process.


Enable better tracking and visibility by splitting large purchase orders into separate manageable units, one per container.

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