Animalis employs AGR to boost service level and forecasting

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Animalis, a French pet store chain started in 1998, offers top pet products both in store and online. In the past couple of years, the company began looking for a sales forecast and replenishment tool to help manage their business operations. “We needed to supplement our expertise and adapt our logistical organizations accordingly to improve our service level during promotions and ease order creation from the warehouse and stores,” explain Christophe Louçao, Logistics Director at Animalis.

Last year, the company signed on to use the AGR Retail Dynamics solution for their stores. With several months of experience using the software, Animalis is pleased with the results. The AGR software retrieves data from the company’s ERP, Generix, analyzes the data and suggests sales forecasts automatically. Along with a good level of collaboration between the AGR consultants and the pet store employees, Animalis has noted the time they have gained due to the AGR forecasting, both in terms of having better oversight of information and the automatic order generation from AGR to the Generix. “We have all the data available at our fingertips with increased visibility and productivity. The information is no longer in a black box,” explains Louçao. Animalis is ready for the second phase of the AGR software and is looking forward to benefiting from the forecasting and planning software even more.

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