Companial partners with AGR to bring powerful inventory optimisation system to their partners

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Since Companial began in 2009, originally as 1ClickFactory, they later joined forces with Microsoft provider, QBS, in 2013 to now form Companial. To great success, they have continued to grow and now serve over 1000 Microsoft Partners in 75 countries and are accompanied by a team of over 200 fanatical Microsoft experts all while delivering their services with a personal and local focus.

Companial strive to provide their partners with the capabilities to focus on the things that truly matter and not have time and resources taken up by mundane tasks. Areas such as upgrades, data migration and extension maintenance are all typical activities that can benefit from Companial’s automation-oriented approach, allowing you to bring optimal value to your clients.

They say:

‘Partners are at the centre of all our efforts, and if a Partner is successful, we will be successful too.’

Companial will now partner with AGR and align their similar values of reducing manual tasks and being innovative to deliver AGR’s powerful inventory optimisation system to their partner base and reach a wider audience who are looking for an inventory optimisation system.

Speaking on the partnership, Shehab Zenussi, Channel development, Denmark & Iceland says:

"Companial is happy to Include AGR In our ever-expanding ISV universe where our focus today Is to distinguish the solutions that can really provide a value to our partners. And here the Inventory solution of AGR is something many customers can benefit from."

Dagmar Loa Hilmarsdóttir, CMO at AGR says: “We are pleased to welcome Companial as a partner and look forward to introducing inventory optimisation to their partners. It’s clear we align on the same values and aim to help all of our clients reduce time spent on manual tasks and dedicate that time to other, more important areas of their business.“

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