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We offer AGR Essentials, a cloud-based solution delivered through a standard SaaS model, and AGR Plus, a more customisable solution that can be tailored to meet your business’ needs.


A powerful out-of-the-box inventory optimisation software. Quick implementation, no hidden cost - just one monthly subscription fee.

Perfect for

Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing and E-tail


Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Navision, Visma, Sage


All in one Monthly fee



Implementation Time

From 24 hours




SaaS (No self-hosting required)

Service Desk


Success Manager


Inventory Insights
Statistical Forecasting
Demand Planning (S&OP)


Purchase Planning
ABC Analysis
Dynamic Safety Stock Calculations
Order proposal
Order Scheduling
Manage by Exception

How our pricing works

With AGR you only pay for what you need to optimise your inventory. Whether you opt for our out-of-the-box SaaS solution or the more comprehensive solution with customisable work spaces and modules, the pricing is designed to be flexible to fit your business requirements and charged as one monthly subscription fee.


Here are some of the common questions we get from prospective customers.

AGR Essentials is an out-of-the-box, subscription-based solution delivered through a standard SaaS model. The monthly subscription fee includes hosting, implementation, services desk, and support by a dedicated customer success manager. AGR Plus is a more flexible solution that can be tailored to your business processes.

If you use any other ERP system, you don't need to worry as we can connect with all leading ERP systems.

Most ERP systems do not have the adequate features and spreadsheets are both labour-intensive and time-consuming – not to mention risky as there is always the chance of encountering a corrupt file. Our Inventory Optimization system automatically selects the best fitting forecast model, highlights items at risk of stockout as well as overstocked items, so by doing most of this work for you, we help reduce the time spent on mundane tasks by up to 80%.

The AGR system includes features like Demand Forecasting & Planning, Exception Reporting, Automatic Ordering, ABC Analysis with Service Level driven Safety Stock, Container Optimisation and more — providing you with all the tools needed to streamline your supply chain processes.

AGR Essentials provides Azure hosting for all setups. Additionally, our AGR Plus solution offers on prem or 3rd party hosting.