Insights & Reports

Gain inventory insights for every level of your business, creating a single version of the truth throughout for every member of your team. AGR will ensure that your inventory insights are clearly visualised within the system, in reports as well as in the item card of each item, enabling you to respond to any anomalies with agility and confidence. This is key in driving your business growth.

ABC Analysis

Within AGR, ABC classifications are calculated on six dimensions, revenue, sold quantity, profit, sales lines, cost price, and cost of goods sold, simply for your information and cross-analysis. All targets are in the hands of the user as you can set, adjust, and iterate service levels down to their importance and impact.

Service Level Settings

The ABC tool allows you to set desired confidence factors for the forecast on each A, B, C category. The confidence factor controls the safety stock for each item in the relevant category setting the subsequent service level.

Flexible Settings

The ABC tool is very flexible, and the user can start off with a simple setup and then increase the complexity be adding an additional dimension to the calculations.


By utilising an effective ABC classification, you can identify your high-value, fast-moving items that have the biggest impact on your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Thus, enabling you to prioritise your time and efforts accordingly.

Analysis Reporting

Flexible reporting that brings the data and insights needed, giving an overall view of the business’ performance. The data can be sliced and diced to meet predefined criteria.

Full Control

Users can play with the report parameters and adjust them to their specific business needs. Additionally, it´s very easy to create new reports to capture specific business needs.

Dynamic Reports

The reports are updated and recalculated on a daily basis so there is no need re-run them for updates.

Report Sharing

Visibility for new or existing reports can be set for specific users or shared with other users or business roles for better visibility.

Exception Reporting

A portfolio of exception reports that illustrate e.g., demand trends, risk of stockouts or overstocked items. All items that deviate from the norm and in need of special attention.

Lifecycle Management

Achieve the optimal balance between product availability and risk at every stage of the product lifecycle. Phase in new items and phase out dead items with ease by setting default confidence factors for each.

Demand Management

Ensure you have the right product, in the right place at the right time. Provide your teams with the necessary data and insights to achieve a tighter coordination of strategy, capacity, and customer needs.

Stock Management

Maintain optimal stock levels and track goods between locations, (warehouses, distribution centres, retailers, etc.). Gain valuable insights into your ordering processes, ensuring that you’re ordering the right stock at the right time and in the right quantities.

Order Exceptions

The order exceptions feature highlights any anomalies in the order proposals. It comes with six standard exceptions and three levels of severity. Focus your efforts on the order lines that need special attention and see suggested ways to order economically with full flexibility.

Standard Exceptions

The system comes with six standard exceptions: unusually high quantity, quantity is 100x more than calculated quantity, duplicate orders, partial order multiple, not enough warehouse stock and no demand.

Traffic light system

The three levels of severity work like traffic lights: blue means you should give it a glance, yellow signifies something to examine, and red alerts you to issues that need your immediate attention.

Create Your Own

Full flexibility to define your own set of rules and customise order exceptions that fit your business’ needs.

Dashboard & KPIs

Gain easy access to all your data with the AGR dashboard. You can see exactly where your business is heading from a data perspective as well as highlight where the challenges are and apply a proactive approach to potential problems by identifying them before they happen.

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