Helping Carrington Textiles streamline their S&OP process and improve their forecasting

Carrington Textiles produce fabric for workwear, flame retardant, waterproof & defence markets and export these products to more than 80 countries worldwide. They have been using AGR since 2022 to help them optimise their S&OP process and manage their stock levels.

‘The system is being used as the fundamental part of our S&OP process now that our sales team are inputting sales forecasts directly into it providing them with more data and flexibility than they had before. So less excuse for poor forecasting’

- Stuart Pritchard, Supply Chain Director

The Challenge

  • Streamline S&OP process
  • Understand demand
  • Optimise stock
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Reduce manual planning

The result

  • Optimised processes
  • Control of inventory
  • Global view of stocks
  • Exception reports that are updated daily
  • Hypercare support

'We are seeing improvements across all our business. The AGR system delivers a lot of data that has, and is, taking us time to understand as we have never had this much available before.’

- Stuart Pritchard, Supply Chain Director

Before implementing AGR, Carrington needed to refresh their process as their way of controlling their stock was via a monthly cycle of reviewing 3500 finished goods SKU’s and 300 BOM fabrics item by item which took a few weeks per month and then once that was complete, it was then time to start the manual process again for that month.  Stuart continues ‘We had nothing telling us which SKU’s to look at as it was Excel based and needed to move towards a manage by exception methodology’.

Carrington selected AGR as their supply chain optimisation system of choice after spending some time reviewing others but ultimately felt like they liked the simplicity and flexibility of the AGR system which allows them to write their own reports, as well as generate them daily. Stuart continues to say ‘Most systems presented demand calculations etc but the fact the system has been developed by AGR and the team is not outsourced was also important to us. Also from a cost perspective, the license fee was based on our distribution points rather than the number of people accessing the system.’ This was important to Carrington as they always wanted their sales team to access the system to input forecasts and overall help with the alignment of the business.

Watch the full video with Carrington here to see all Stuart had to say about working with the system and what’s next for AGR and Carrington going forward!

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