Helping Etman manage long lead times

The Norwegian electrical products manufacturer, Etman, was founded in 2007. The company has 10 stores throughout Norway and two main warehouses. They also have their own factory in China, where they manufacture in-house developed electrical equipment, plastic components, and cable for electricians and other industries. Etman implemented AGR in 2020 to better manage long lead times and the flow of goods.

Company size
10 stores throughout Norway & 2 main warehouses

The Challenge

  • Manage long lead times
  • More inventory control
  • Automate processes
  • Manage the flow of goods
  • Work from a single version of the truth

The result

  • Improved forecasting and planning
  • Increased automation
  • Visibility within the team
  • Inventory control
  • Improved efficiency

“I have been involved in implementing four ERP systems and AGR, a strategic add on to our ERP system, is without doubt, the one that was the quickest to implement, the easiest to use, and most stable.”

Frank Landmark, Purchasing Manager

The main challenge Etman was facing when they sought out AGR was maintaining the correct balance of stock throughout their network of stores around Norway that were supplied with products from two main warehouses. They soon realised, that in order to better manage the flow of goods they had to improve their forecasting capabilities and plan their purchases better. However, this was made difficult by the fact the entire purchasing process was carried out through manual and time-consuming spreadsheets.

“Previously, each department bought each individual item themselves and they also had to make all the transfers from the main warehouses themselves. Now procurement runs all this through AGR,” explains Frank Landmark, Purchasing Manager at Etman.

Etman implemented the AGR solution in 2020. They had considered several systems but chose AGR as they felt that AGR's forecast and visual display were by far the best.

“AGR gave us everything we wanted in one system. The implementation itself went beyond all our expectations. We started the process during the beginning of the pandemic and therefore had to do most of it on Teams, with only 2 days of physical meetings and training. Despite that we were still up and ready to go ahead of schedule.”

Navigating a challenging time

For the past three years, Etman’s experience of the system has been “exclusively positive”. When asked to choose three words to describe the system Frank Landmark said: “Savings, as AGR simplifies our purchases. Innovation, because the AGR team accepts suggestions from customers for improvements and does something about them. Lastly, Service, as the AGR consultants provide excellent customer service and everything is handled quickly and efficiently.”

They also credit AGR for enabling them to maintain a high service level throughout the pandemic. “We purchase a lot from China and during the pandemic AGR helped us plan those purchases better. Furthermore, the improved forecasts helped our factory to plan its purchases. We have even received feedback that the AGR forecasts have made our factory in China more efficient.”

Etman would not hesitate to recommend AGR to other companies. “I have been involved in implementing four ERP systems and AGR is, without doubt, the one that was the quickest to implement, the easiest to use, and most stable. I am especially happy with the forecast in AGR as well as the visual overview in the item card,” concludes Frank Landmark.  

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