Assisting Hugh Jordan with automating processes and better visibility

Hugh Jordan is one of Ireland’s biggest catering supplies and furniture companies. They have been in business for over 80 years delivering their products to Northern Ireland and England.

‘We can focus on shifting old stock much easier using the out-of-the-box stock reports, we can create our own metrics and reports to suit our business. This saves countless hours using reporting tools and spreadsheets’

- Nicole Martin, Purchasing Manager

The Challenge

  • Excess stock
  • Manual planning
  • Long lead times
  • Better visibility 
  • Accurate reporting

The result

  • 10 hours saved by generating purchase orders
  • Efficient processes
  • Visibility on items
  • Visibility within the team 
  • Real-time & accurate reports

‘It has given back time to focus on higher value tasks and less manual input, bringing new tasks to the team and my current role.’

Nicole Martin, Purchasing Manager

Hugh Jordan started working with AGR one year ago due to the impact of both COVID and Brexit which led to them dealing with product supply and freight issues. They previously used to spend a large amount of time manually forecasting and producing reports which led to multiple mistakes simply caused by human error. But through using AGR they now have automated reports that are updated in real-time, allowing them to have true visibility over stock and their entire supply chain process from start to finish. 

As a company that handles catering supplies and furniture, Hugh Jordan often has challenges with seasonal, bespoke, and ad hoc requests from customers that are unique to their supply chain operating methods, so when it came to implementing AGR the data validation was a project that was highly important to allow them to move forward in the future and gain the abilities they were looking for.

'Data validation is a necessary evil of the process, it has opened our eyes and minds to new information that we can use to build in efficiencies in all of our processes.’ Says Nicole

Onward & Upward!

In terms of what’s next for Hugh Jordan and AGR, they plan on continuing to validate more of their data and gain even more value from reports. Nicole continues - 

‘One simple example is that the “Move In” has ensured that we have visibility of items about to run out of stock so we can do something about it. The “Urgent Orders required” shows us clearly where items may have had a spike in demand and again we can action immediately.’

In terms of what’s next for AGR and Hugh Jordan moving forward, watch the full video on what Nicole and Barry had to say here:

Customer Success Stories - Hugh Jordan success with AGR Inventory Optimisation solution - YouTube