Helping Wessex Packaging forecast accurately and reduce stockouts

Since their start in 1975, Wessex Packaging have pride themselves on being packaging experts who serve businesses of all sizes across the UK. Their values include teamwork, ingenuity, and creativity. They also aspire to have packaging solutions ready 97% of the time. They implemented AGR at the end of 2022 to prioritise important products and gain more control over their inventory.


The Challenge

  • Reducing stockouts
  • Reduce manual forecasting
  • More inventory control
  • Implementing Microsoft BC
  • Automate processes

The result

  • Stockouts reduced by 50%
  • Flexibility within the team
  • Increased automation
  • Visibility within the team
  • Stock control

“It is still early stages but it is giving us the ability to plan ahead more accurately and deal with potential stock issues before they become a problem. This is improving our service levels to customers.”

Murray Watt, Stock Control & Buyer

In order to reduce stockouts and human error due to manual forecasting, Wessex needed to be able to gain deeper visibility into their supply chain and plan ahead and deal with potential stock issues before they become a bigger issue. “Stockouts were a challenge to manage and reduce, especially on products with high fluctuations in demand,” explains Murray Watt, Stock Control & Buyer at Wessex Packaging.

AGR’s approach when working with Wessex Packaging is to assist with delivering accurate forecasting and increased automation that results in fewer stockouts and allows their team more flexibility and to work from one version of the truth. They were previously using multiple spreadsheets in order to manage their inventory which resulted in human error and made it difficult to forecast accurately.

Seamless Implementation

The packaging company started working with the AGR solution in Q4 of 2022 and has been fully functional since January 2023. Following their recent move to Microsoft BC, Wessex and AGR spent a lot of time ensuring the correct data was input in the right places for the system to run as it should. However, once this was in place the benefits of an inventory optimisation system emerged very quickly.

New Developments

After using AGR and experiencing the system and its benefits first hand, Wessex describe the system as ‘adaptable, efficient and effective’. Murray Watt continues: “The system itself is very user friendly and can be easily adapted to your individual or company's needs depending on what information is deemed most important. The support team are very helpful in resolving issues quickly.”

They are now looking forward to discovering more ways to benefit from the AGR system and the new developments that will come from AGR in the future.

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