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Demand Planning & Forecasting
Demand Planning & Forecasting
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How to Improve your Promotional Planning – and know if you got it right!

Published on:
April 25, 2021
How do you create and plan your promotions today? Do you have capable people spending way too much time on manual tasks when they could be performing more valuable work?

With the Promotional Planner you can measure and monitor all promotion performances against baseline forecasting to establish accurate profit/loss estimates while incorporating newest machine learning technology on planned promotions all the way down to item level. Planning for cannibalisation and halo effect will help to increase the profit of the promotion as well as optimise stock levels. It gives complete overview of past promotions and helps you utilise that information to make even better promotional plans in the future.

The Promotional Planner is designed to speed up the promotional planning process, allowing your employees to focus on exception and details that would create even more profit for your business.

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