ARK Bokhandel & AGR team together to streamline their supply chain processes and optimise stock levels

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ARK Bokhandel aims to be the favorite bookstore of those who love books. Already they have developed a community of over 1,100 ARKs who are all passionate about books.

With 151 stores across the country, as well as the ARK.NO online store and the ARK app reading app, they aim to be the most accessible way for their audience to buy books. Alongside this, they also strive to provide the best quality of service and the fastest delivery of products right to your home.

To continue delivering to their customers and become even more accessible, they will now use AGR to optimise their stock levels. One of their main goals though using AGR includes reducing manual tasks and the need for Excel spreadsheets which will help them improve service levels as they begin to automate their inventory processes and they do their best to deliver the best to their customer base.

Torstein Ronaas, Sales Manager at AGR says:

“I’m very glad that ARK Bokhandel, Norway’s largest chain of bookstores has chosen AGR Inventory to streamline and optimise the procurement and allocation of books and their non-book products to their various stores. In doing so, ARK will be able to reduce manual tasks in procurement, discard Excel sheets, optimise stock levels, improve service levels, etc.“

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