B&T Scandinavia Implements AGR 5

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AGR Nordic’s Wholesale Dynamics solution gains another Swedish customer.

B.N.T Scandinavia distribute office supplies in the Nordic market, including leading brands as well as their own, in each product area. With a broad product range and a constant effort to offer the best service to their customers, B.N.T Scandinavia make it easy for their customers to optimize their inventory within their wide distribution network.

AGR delivers forecasting, automatic calculation of safety stock, and S&OP to optimize their purchasing and planning. B.N.T Scandinavia can then increase their already high service levels while simultaneously reduing inventory and purchasing costs. Furthermore, the Wholesale Dynamics solution replaces excel sheets with an integrated, dynamic system that ensures that the user is always dealing with the newest information.

AGR Nordics web-based Wholesale Dynamics solution, as well as its unique S&OP tool are used by large and medium-sized enterprises to improve service levels and at the same time reduce inventory. Used in combination with the specially developed Manage-By-Exception report module, the system keeps track of deviations that require focus, and provide a good overview of all-round performance for both users and management.

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