Dansk Cater Chooses AGR to Managing their Supply Chain

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Dansk Cater is a holding company for a number of food service companies, including AB Catering, BC Catering, Cater Food, Cater Grønt, Inco Cash &Carry, etc., which sell and distribute food and non-food items to professional kitchens all over Denmark. They deliver high-quality products to all kinds of kitchens and eateries from the smallest hot dog stand to some of the country’s largest canteens, hotels and restaurants.

The company’s business is characterized by many customers, many suppliers, and many item numbers, which require close management of inventory, durability dates, and availability.

AGR will deliver their Inventory solution for Dansk Cater, which will help the company with forecasting, purchasing, and S&OP. AGR’s automatic forecast and safety stock calculations will maintain the company’s already high level of service will also optimizing their inventory levels. The Dynamic Inventory solution will run as an independent add-on with Dansk Cater’s existing ERP solution.

AGR Nordics web-based Wholesale Dynamics solution, as well as its unique S&OP tool are used by large and medium-sized enterprises to improve service levels and at the same time reduce inventory. Used in combination with the specially developed Manage-By-Exception report module, the system keeps track of deviations that require focus, and provide a good overview of all-round performance for both users and management.

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