Eventyrsport A/S & AGR team up together to automate supply chain processes and reach optimal stock levels

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Eventyrsport specialise in outdoor living equipment and running gear. They first started out in 1996 in the basement of owner and CEO Lars Sørensen in 1996, but not before long, they moved out of the basement and into a new and more professional store.

In the present day, Eventyrsport now has 16 stores across Denmark as well as a strong online presence. In order to keep up with demand and their plans to grow, they will now use AGR to reduce stock and reach optimal stock levels. The goal is for them to do more without increasing or decreasing the number of people in the purchasing department by optimising and automating purchase processes and reducing manual work for the team to dedicate to other, more important tasks while also upholding their ambition of delivering on quality, service, and price.

‘Eventyrsport is looking forward to develop their business together with AGR, and with the right tool be able to tackle and address complex forecasting and demand planning questions, in a more efficient manor’ says Lars Sørensen, CEO

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