How Regal Wholesale increased their service levels from 82% to 92% in less than seven months through AGR

Regal Wholesale are a wholesaler of household goods and toiletries, with a focus on being the number one distributor for household tissue products such as Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Towels and Tissues and have been running for 38 years.

'We have definitely seen an improvement in the service level. Just before we implemented AGR it was 82%, it had dropped down one point to 78% and now we're currently running around 92%..'

-  Alison James, Buyer at Regal Wholesale

The Challenge

  • Improve Service Levels.
  • Accurately Forecast and identify deadstock.
  • Cope better with peaks and troughs, seasonality and other trends, including ‘The Mrs Hinch Effect’.

The result

  • Increased service level from 82% to 92%, in less than seven months.
  • Freed up space in the warehouse for greater purchasing flexibility and focus on key lines.
  • Utilising ABC analysis

‘Retail base and viral products such as the Mrs Hinch effect can impact the business substantially as a product that was just ticking over in the business can rapidly become one of the most frequently order product Which could add strain to the buying process as you are not sure of the long term impact.’

- Alison James, Buyer at Regal

Regal Wholesale, a well-established wholesaler specializing in household goods and toiletries, has been successfully operating for 38 years. Their primary focus is on becoming the leading distributor of essential household tissue products, including Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Towels, and Tissues. They serve a diverse customer base, ranging from fellow wholesalers to independent retailers, and they are steadily expanding their presence in online markets and AFH (Away From Home) sectors. Their clientele spans both national and international markets, with the majority of customers based in the UK and Ireland.

Regal adopted the AGR system in February 2023, commencing training in February and fully integrating it into their purchase order workflow by the end of March. AGR's planning tools played a pivotal role in strengthening Regal's service levels and forecasting. The data-driven insights provided by the AGR system allowed Regal to swiftly identify both overstock and deadstock issues, leading to improved service levels by 10% which were achieved by making strategic adjustments in their purchasing strategies.

"We were experiencing overstocks in certain areas due to initial purchase overestimations or quantity-based pricing that led to excess inventory. While we were using BI reports to detect overstocks, these often came too late which is why we decided to implement AGR."

Regal's journey with AGR is still in its early stages, but they have already experienced significant positive changes in their operations. Their next steps involve continuing to leverage the AGR system to maximize its benefits.

Watch the full video where Alison discusses how the ABC functionality helped identify items that are selling the fastest, her first impressions of AGR and much more.

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