AGR 5.4.0 Released

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AGR Dynamics is proud to release the newest version of our AGR software – AGR 5.4.0. This release comes with many new features to make your planning and supply chain management work even easier than before.

The speed of the order calculation has been taken to a new level with a performance boost. This will not only be a benefit for companies running many thousands of items in hundreds of stores but also smaller companies with fewer items as this will allow the system to do much more advanced calculations in the same time or less than before.

Manual orders are considerably faster to calculate and purchase plans are a lot faster to calculate. Rule of thumb is that after this release, you could start to calculate purchase plans for all items and the total time of the nightly run should be less then it was with previous versions This upgrade allows the system to do more in the same amount of time.

A number of new data points have been added to the item card, including stock out committed, as seen in the item card below, which will show you when this item will face a stock out if you do not order any more.

AGR 5.4.0

There is also an added featured to pre-calculate purchase plans for all items and the ability to view estimated stock in the item card. This will increase your visibility of the item within the system without having to create individual purchase plans for every item manually.

The system also now includes the ability to include all future undelivered items in your order calculations, even though they are outside the order period. You can also split orders by delivery dates, so for example, if you have an order that has multiple different delivery dates, you can choose to have the order broken up by those delivery dates into separate orders. This can also be done on an individual level when creating a scheduled order.

AGR 5.4.0 allows the user to increase the amount of automation within the system. If there are certain order calculations from the AGR system that you trust and don’t spend time reviewing, you can now choose to turn on Auto Confirm Order. The system will then confirm them themselves and send them over to the ERP system directly, without needing the user to confirm them first. It is also possible to receive a broken down list of when you should expect your undelivered items to arrive at your warehouse. This enables you to see the information within the AGR system without having to go into your ERP system separately, cutting down on the manual work that you need to do.

AGR 5.4.0

The AGR sales planner and all the merchandising modules have updated View Settings (previously called Grid Settings) and this tool has been simplified so that the user can more easily toggle data series and columns in and out giving them extra flexibility to see the information that is relevant to them even faster than before.

Our development team has been hard at work creating this newest release and we are proud to deliver it to our customers!


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