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AGR Nordic’s inventory optimization and strong forecastingsolution, Wholesale Dynamics, will pave the way for easier purchasing and decisionmaking at is a privately owned company within the OnGear ApS group. Cykelpartner operates throughout the Nordic region with aspecialty in cycling, running, and outdoor activities, maintaining a wideproduct range that is constantly moving and changing. Their goal is to remainthe customers’ preferred bike partner and supplier of quality products at thebest prices on the market. has been online with e-commercesince March 1, 2005. has a wide range of over 22,000 itemnumbers, which are steadily increasing and AGR will help to control the flow ofgoods with their many item numbers. The system will point out slow movers, fastrunners, seasonal goods and much more for the company to deal with. At the sametime, AGR will work to improve and automate the current manual processes that arein daily use. Finally, AGR will be providing both management and day-to-dayoperations with a good overview of the flow of goods using the unique dashboardand advanced operational reports.

AGR Nordics web-based Wholesale Dynamics solution, as wellas its unique S&OP tool, are used by large and medium-sized enterprises toimprove service levels and at the same time reduce inventory. Used incombination with the specially developed Manage-By-Exception report module, thesystem keeps track of deviations that require focus, and provide a goodoverview of all-round performance for both users and management.

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