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Here at AGR, we are hard at work in developing new ways to help our customers get the most out of our AGR system. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our newest project: the AGR System Monitor.

This tool does exactly as its name implies, it monitors the AGR system within a specific customer and makes sure that the nightly processes have run, as well as showing AGR consultants how long it took to run and any other appropriate technical information regarding their specific set-up. This allows AGR consultants to react faster if something goes wrong, like during the nightly run of a data transfer, and we are able fix the problem, sometimes even before our customer realizes there is a problem.

Students Leading the Way

The AGR System Monitor was created by three Reykjavík University students, Arnar Ingi Halldórsson, Jóhann Ívar Björnsson, and Sveinn Björnsson, as their final project for their BSc degree in Computer Science. Jóhann began as an intern for AGR last summer and has since been working part-time while finishing his degree. While interning, Jóhann saw room for improvement and wanted to create something that would allow our consultants to immediately see if something was going wrong with one of our customers, allowing us to be proactive and help them faster.

system monitor

After over 900 hours of work, the three students had created the AGR System Monitor, which included creating a data base, web server, website to show the information, Dataservice API, etc. Since creating this new monitoring system, the AGR consultants have been very pleased with it. A large screen with the application has been set up next to the consultant’s Daily board, making it easy for all the consultants to see the status of their customers and keeping the happiness of the AGR user in the forefront of their mind.

Details Important to You

The biggest questions you are probably asking yourself right now are the following: Is my data protected? How much does it cost? Will implementing this disrupt my business operations? The answers to these questions are actually quite simple. The AGR System Monitor is set up on a closed internal website within AGR, where only our consultants have access, protecting your technical information. It takes less than an hour to implement, is absolutely free of charge, and its implementation will not disrupt your data transfers or business operations in any way (and we will not implement the system unless we have prior approval from our customers). It is our way of offering our customers the best possible service we can.

If you currently have the AGR system with your company but are not connected with the AGR System Monitor, feel free to contact us via our Service Desk ( and we will get the process started!

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