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Agri-Linc are a family business who have been farming in their home county of Lincolnshire since 1924, and agricultural machinery dealers since 1974. Now continued by the next generations, they established a new trading name in 2010 as Agri-Linc, allowing them to become a recognised leading supplier of agricultural equipment across the globe. They stock a wide range of farm machinery for sale including; ploughs, spreaders, sprayers, tractors and much more.

To accommodate their expanding operations, Agri-Linc are adopting AGR, a strategic move aimed at not only enhancing their return on investment in inventory management, but also improving their stock turnover rates. The selection of AGR as their preferred inventory optimisation system stems from recognising the need to automate their supply chain processes which will lead to valuable working hours for value-added activities across various aspects of their business.

”Having researched several options to provide us with better inventory management, we felt that AGR was the best fit for us with Agri-Linc being an SME. Neil and the team have gone above and beyond to resolve challenges around integration with our ERP system, and we are looking forward to getting it set up and reaping the many benefits; up to date ABC rankings, improved stock turns, reduction of stock-outs, accurate forecasting, and less time spent on stock replenishment ordering (to name a few!)”

-        Iain Clarke, Purchasing Manager at Agri-Linc

Neil Stone, Supply Chain Software Consultant at AGR goes on to say:

“I’m looking forward to working with Iain and the wider team at Agri Linc delivering AGR’s powerful supply chain optimisation software. Through-out the process both Iain and the team have been a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to helping automate their supply chain freeing up resource hours to focus on value add activities. With improved visibility and management by exception across Inventory I’m excited to see the return on investment covering inventory holding and stock turn over the coming months.”  

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