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Since 1942, BOA have looked for the right building boards from the best suppliers around the world. BOA aims for a sustainable building industry with products that are toxic free, environmentally friendly and with responsibility from start to finish. A modern and state of the art supply chain plays an important part with a logistics centre placed in Rosersberg in the Stockholm region.

Tobias Matsson, Sourcing Manager at BOA, has been the lead person in the AGR project to bring new technology to the supply chain. He tells that;

“AGR gives BOA a better overview and forecast, as well as precision to follow sales in real time. The platform creates optimised purchase orders for Jeeves business system for further transfer to contracted suppliers. AGR optimises the supply chain and gives the users critical information of deviations where attention is needed.” 

After going live with AGR and seeing the results, the CEO at BOA, Jörgen Sågman says

 “This is a necessary step to strengthen BOA in its role as one of the leading suppliers of boards to the Swedish construction industry. We are impressed by the platforms abilities to adapt to our processes and the implementation went smoothly, AGR did an excellent job in supporting the implementation.”

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