Bundle partners with AGR to boost Supply Chain Insights

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Bundle, an AI driven insights platform from Assimil8 – a technology consultancy business established in 2006 – has partnered with AGR to help their customers enhance their supply chain offering through the use of advanced insights. 

Designed to help companies unlock the potential value of their data, Bundle works with companies of all sizes and budgets, from startups to large enterprises. There are Bundles to fit any business need, including data for finance and operations, sales and marketing, and human resources.

The platform helps teams track their KPIs, reduce manual processes and automate workflow. They do this by combining multiple sources of data into one place so you can see what’s happening across your entire business at once.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Bundle enables more accurate predictions and recommendations to deliver commercial insights and promote growth.

The Bundle team comprises a group of talented individuals passionate about helping businesses improve their performance. The team has a combined experience of over 80 years working in technology, data science, and analytics. This makes them well-placed to understand where businesses struggle when it comes to data analysis and how they can help address those challenges through technology.

Bundle will now partner with AGR to assist their client base to utilise their data and make more efficient business decisions. Whether you’re looking at reducing the time to produce monthly reports, understanding the specific value in your data, or how to use it to drive further value within your business during turbulent times and the upcoming recession. 

Speaking of the partnership, Kevin Hurd, CEO of Bundle, says: 

‘We’re delighted to be partnering with AGR Dynamics, who we feel are true pioneers of the dynamic supply chain solution. Their ability to change the way companies operate to save not only time, but money, fits with our four core values – innovate, add value, loyalty, and adaptability. This makes promoting them to our audience an easy proposition. 

We look forward to seeing the partnership grow.’

Adam Cavanagh, UK Sales Director says: 

‘Given the current circumstances in the world and the way that the supply chain industry is facing constant struggles, it only makes sense to partner with a company like Assimil8/Bundle to deliver value and drive forward inventory optimisation to brand new customers.’

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