Cytex selects AGR to achieve optimal stock levels, reduce manual work and optimise ordering processes

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Cytex was established in 2014, and since then, their focus has been on going above and beyond for their customers and making life easier for them, so they can dedicate their time to focus on their business. Cytex stock a wide range of products from disposables and food packaging to napkins and cleaning supplies as well as much more. Their goals are also heavily focused on sustainability which they believe goes hand in hand with a good product or service. That's why they’ve set an ambitious target of having more than 70% of their products be environmentally friendly by 2030!

Moving forward, Cytex is going to utilise AGR to assist with achieving their goals as they continue to grow. In addition to helping Cytex reach optimal stock levels and optimise their ordering processes, AGR will also help them reduce manual work and much more.

‘I have never before looked forward to a software implementation, as much as I do AGR Essentials. The solution that AGR offers is an important step towards our ambitious growth goals'’ says Omar Nasir, CEO at Cytex

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