Strengthening Connections: AGR's Partnership with SwiftCloud

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We are excited to announce our partnership with SwiftCloud, a company dedicated to enduring mutually beneficial client relationships and enhancing profitability through continuous value delivery.

SwiftCloud's B2B ecommerce platform, tailored specifically for wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers, offers your clientele round-the-clock accessibility to your services. With bespoke branding and adeptly handling intricate orders, you can boost both the value and volume of trade orders by launching your personalised, intelligent ordering application.

At AGR, we share SwiftCloud's commitment to providing exceptional ongoing support while striving for mutual growth and success. Our alliance with SwiftCloud represents a strategic step towards building a vibrant tech community that opens up new avenues to connect with fresh clienteles and partners, thereby enriching our product portfolios collaboratively.

Matt Pinel, SwiftCloud Channel Partner Manager says, “We here at SwiftCloud are very excited to be teaming up with Andy and the team at AGR. Working together will provide SwiftCloud with many opportunities both in the UK and abroad as AGR are involved in many international markets we are wanting to get into.

While our solutions are slightly different the most important aspect is we both have the same type of customer that is always looking for more cost-effective ways to operate their business and from my point of view, AGR with their advanced Inventory Optimisation Solutions will go a long way in helping Swift Cloud’s customers to do so."

Andy Shorthose, reflecting on this partnership, says: "I’m excited to be partnering with SwiftCloud on this partnership. It is evident that our values are closely aligned, and our shared objective is to assist as many of our clients as we can in finding the best inventory optimisation solution."

Our partnership with SwiftCloud marks a significant stride forward as we unite to broaden our service offerings and aid clients in discovering their ideal inventory optimisation solutions. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunities this collaboration will present in the near future.

As we embark on this journey with SwiftCloud, whether you aspire to join us as an AGR partner or seek to gain deeper insights into our ethos and operations, you can enquire about partnership prospects further here.

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