Zencargo and AGR Partner to Transform Supply Chain Delivery

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London based digital freight forwarder, Zencargo, has recently partnered with AGR Dynamics, a supply chain software that offers demand planning and supply chain management solutions for wholesale and retail companies.

The global economy is under pressure from rising inflation and recession and given the challenging economic conditions, it is important for businesses to optimise their supply chain to be agile. The market remains volatile, and businesses risk losing revenue and profit if they do not properly forecast their volumes in advance.

The partnership between AGR Dynamics and Zencargo will help customers match demand and supply more effectively by using historical SKU data on a centralised platform. AGR Dynamics works with retailers and wholesalers to match demand and supply. Through accurate demand planning, forecasting, and inventory optimisation, AGR Dynamics enables businesses to improve revenue and reduce costs by preventing stockouts and decreasing excess inventory levels.

Zencargo’s digital platform connects all stakeholders across the inbound supply chain. Through the collaborative platform, customers will have better visibility over their data across their supply chain, enabling businesses to make better decisions. Zencargo also offers bespoke consultative advice from logistics experts who work with customers and their data to create a competitive advantage in their supply chains.

Mark Farrington, Sales Director at Zencargo comments, “We’re excited to use this partnership to help our customers maximise revenue and profit through better demand and supply planning. AGR’s demand planning and forecasting software paired with Zencargo’s collaborative platform will help drive success for businesses’ supply chains.”

Adam Cavanagh, UK Director at AGR Dynamics says of the partnership:
“It’s a pleasure to be working with Zencargo who aligns with AGR on the same initiatives to be the very best in supply chain management, and it will be wonderful to watch this partnership develop.”

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