Demand planning & forecasting

Use smart forecasts to create effortless plans to free up working capital and capture your full sales potential.

Demand Forecasting

Putting your existing sales data to work, AGR applies proven forecasting methods, considers several variables, such as seasonal fluctuations, and picks up on trends to generate forecasts and safety stock recommendations. More accuracy gives better plans, less business risk, and less capital tied up in stock.

Automatic Forecasting

Generate forecasts by product, channel, customer, and location that continuously adapt and evolve to increase forecast accuracy.

Connected Items

Launch new items with ease, as they can inherit sales history from similar old items. This gives the new item a head start on forecasting.

AI / Machine Learning

Rather than simply following pre-programmed instructions, algorithms will start to build and refine models based on existing data to make predictions about various outcomes.

Demand Planning

Planning is a leading cause of time loss due to manual processes and lack of visibility. Move to effortless demand planning on all levels of your business; top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up. Produce even better plans by taking the automatic forecasts and factoring in lost sales, promotions, and other non-recurring events.

Multi-level Planning

Plan in top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out dimensions as well as make appropriate changes at the SKU level with a click of a button.

Scenario Planning

Plan based on ‘what if’ scenarios and create strategic plans for best- and worst-case outcomes that will allow you to maintain inventory and service levels in the face of uncertain demand and supply.

Planning Templates

Create your own templates with defined views of your supply chain. Control access to those plans. Break the planning process down and make it more manageable.

Sales & Operations Planning

Key element in sustaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment is an effective S&OP process. Get the visibility you need to develop a business-wide game plan, synchronising your forecasts and plans with inventory, procurement, operations and sales & marketing – enabling your team to work from a single version of the truth.

Customer Level Planning

Easily manage individual customers or customer groups and allocate demand to them. Enable deeper views into your demand and allow for more accurate plans that are in line with your strategic plans yet adaptable to external influences.

Key account management (KAM)

Plan and manage a mutually beneficial partnership between your business and your most important customers.

Forecast Accuracy

Forecasting is a continuous improvement process. By periodically benchmarking your current forecast accuracy against your earlier forecast accuracy allows you to measure your improvement.

Promotion Planning

Promotions can considerably impact your sales, therefore having the ability to manage promotions effectively is a key success factor. Plan your promotions at any level of the business and the system will automatically account for the promotional activity when planning orders and future stock levels.

Cannibalisation & Halo-effect

Manage the risk of new or promotional products displacing an existing one and eating away at your own sales. Harness the opportunities surrounding brand loyalty, by using the promotion of one item to increase sales of another item.

Historical Analysis

Look at historical transactional data across multiple promotional periods and analyse the baskets to evaluate the success or failure of each in order to improve future promotions.

Promotional Types

Set and manage different promotional types; BOGO, discount on item, group, or store level, etc.

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