Cleland McIver partners with AGR for inventory management

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Household textiles supplier looks to use AGR Dynamics to assist with ordering and handling supply chain demands.

Cleland McIver was set up over 39 years ago and they have been involved in the textiles industry for over 90 years through multiple generations. They strive to assist their clients in improving their products while also ensuring they meet the colour, finish, budget, and of course, quality requirements. 

The success that Cleland McIver has had over the past 39 years comes from exceeding customer expectations and being flexible. A recent investment has also enabled Cleland McIver to add additional warehousing space, offices, and an up-to-date IT infrastructure to assist with their ever-expanding business as well as move their emphasis from manufacturing onsite to importing finished products and setting up an in-house manufacturing facility. 

To continue to provide unbeatable product availability and guidance to meet their clients’ needs and live up to their reputation, Cleland McIver has now turned to AGR Dynamics to help them utilise their time as best as possible through having their orders easily created within the AGR system. Instead of working on excel spreadsheets and working manually, Cleland is now able to have their ordering process streamlined by using AGR to gain visibility into their data and ensure that data is cohesive. 

Speaking on the partnership, Lisa Knight explains:

“AGR has given us the time we need to focus on giving the best service possible to our customer, giving access to reporting data has given new motivation to the team.  A real step forward for the department and we look forward to new developments and progression going forward.”

Adam Cavanagh, UK Director at AGR Dynamics, concludes:

“We are a great match for Cleland as they were looking to gain further visibility into their data which in turn would give them more freedom across their business to meet their ordering needs and much more. We’re off to a brilliant start already!”

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