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AGR Launches First Fully Cloud-Based Inventory Management Product for Retail
May 23, 24Read more
AGR Proud to Partner with Wise
May 14, 24Read more
AGR at ConneXion 2024
May 10, 24Read more
Strengthening Connections: AGR's Partnership with SwiftCloud
April 12, 24Read more
AGR and BDL Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Innovative Inventory Optimisation
March 5, 24Read more
Laetitia Huillard: Navigating Cosmetics to Consultancy – AGR's Senior Supply Chain Consultant
January 15, 24Read more
Agri-Linc & AGR team together to automate their supply chain and improve visibility
October 19, 23Read more
AGR at Directions EMEA 2023 - Lyon
October 16, 23Read more
AGR at Tecman Customer Day
October 9, 23Read more
AGR at Community Summit North America
October 2, 23Read more
ARK Bokhandel & AGR team together to streamline their supply chain processes and optimise stock levels
September 22, 23Read more
Fortress Safety selects AGR to lower their inventory and increase visibility across their supply chain
August 18, 23Read more
Eventyrsport A/S & AGR team up together to automate supply chain processes and reach optimal stock levels
July 6, 23Read more
Cytex selects AGR to achieve optimal stock levels, reduce manual work and optimise ordering processes
July 4, 23Read more
Accelerynt has partnered with AGR to bring advanced forecasting, planning and procurement solutions to their customer base
June 20, 23Read more
AGR at Directions DOK 2023
May 22, 23Read more
Companial partners with AGR to bring powerful inventory optimisation system to their partners
May 10, 23Read more
AGR at BDL Event
April 21, 23Read more
Haukur CEO on Zencargo Podcast
March 29, 23Read more
AGR at BDL Customer Event
February 28, 23Read more
AGR at Directions NA 2023
February 24, 23Read more
Dalebrook Supplies select AGR
February 20, 23Read more
New Year, New AGR
February 9, 23Read more
Maggnumite selects AGR for Advanced Forecasting
January 18, 23Read more
AGR Attends NRF 2023 Retail's Big Show
January 13, 23Read more
Bundle partners with AGR to boost Supply Chain Insights
November 23, 22Read more
AGR at Directions EMEA 2022
October 13, 22Read more
Zencargo and AGR Partner to Transform Supply Chain Delivery
September 28, 22Read more
AGR at DynamicsCon Live
September 8, 22Read more
Muuto selects AGR for purchasing optimisation
June 28, 22Read more
Cleland McIver partners with AGR for inventory management
June 22, 22Read more
Tecman and AGR partner improve Supply Chain
June 16, 22Read more
AGR at Days of Knowledge
June 3, 22Read more
Making the Right Ordering Decisions
May 31, 22Read more
Mastering Your Inventory Data
May 31, 22Read more
Honing Your ABC Analysis
May 31, 22Read more
New features for even better inventory visibility and control
May 31, 22Read more
DART Tool partners AGR for supply chain visibility
May 20, 22Read more
AGR at LS Retail Connexion
May 9, 22Read more
Hugh Jordan and AGR to optimise supply chain
December 22, 21Read more
Templespa Upgrade Supply Chain Operations Capability with AGR
November 11, 21Read more
Birlea Furniture enhances supply chain efficiency
November 8, 21Read more
OTL launch supply chain project to keep up with increasing demand
July 19, 21Read more
AGR Closes a Strategic Investment Round
June 30, 21Read more
Carrington Textiles partners AGR for growth
May 18, 21Read more
Paws Holdings Announce Partnership with AGR
March 3, 21Read more
Bo Andren AB Chooses AGR
December 15, 20Read more
Bygma Gruppen Chooses AGR
December 14, 20Read more selects AGR
April 28, 20Read more
IWD 2020
March 6, 20Read more
Sostrene Grene Chooses AGR
January 28, 20Read more
AGR introduces user-friendly allocation interface
December 9, 19Read more
Indeks Retail Selects AGR for their New Purchasing Tool
October 14, 19Read more
Machine Learning Added to AGR Software
October 10, 19Read more
AGR NRF 2020
October 3, 19Read more
AGR to Provide Forecast and Sales Planning to Kohberg Bakery
September 12, 19Read more
AGR Adds 66°North to Customer Base
September 9, 19Read more
AGR chosen for's allocation & forecast
August 27, 19Read more
Animalis employs AGR to boost service level and forecasting
July 5, 19Read more
AGR System Monitor: Powerful Supply Chain Optimisation Tool
June 18, 19Read more
Dansk Cater Chooses AGR to Managing their Supply Chain
May 20, 19Read more
B&T Scandinavia Implements AGR 5
May 14, 19Read more
Service Desk Knowledge Base
May 9, 19Read more
AGR Breakfast Conference Iceland
May 3, 19Read more
AGR 5.4.0 Released
November 9, 18Read more