New features for even better inventory visibility and control

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Discover new, exciting features in the AGR solution, that give you even better inventory visibility and control. 

For over 20 years AGR Dynamics has provided a powerful Inventory Optimization solution that enables businesses to improve efficiency, streamline their inventory, boost productivity, and eliminate waste in their supply chain. It is a user-friendly bolt-on to any existing ERP system and features: Demand Forecasting & Planning, Exception Reporting, Automatic Ordering, ABC Analysis, Container Optimization, and much more. 

Just like we want to help our customers grow their businesses, we want to grow alongside them. That is why we invest a third of our yearly revenue back into R&D. We are constantly improving our solution and coming up with new and exciting features to enable your business to grow. In our latest release, AGR version 6.3, we are introducing new features that give you even better inventory visibility and control. Let’s take a closer look at those features: 

Inventory Insights

Our data scientists have extracted key inventory insights to better manage the flow of goods, both high level and at SKU level, creating a single version of the truth throughout the company. These Inventory Insights are visualized in the item card, designed to catch the user’s attention as well as provide immediate transparency to the inventory status of each item. Read more…

Bulk Update

The user is now able to take full control over both Order Logic and Forecast-specific data and thus fine-tune the flow of goods. We recommend getting an overview of your data in our Items and/or Reports workspaces and simply applying filters to drill down on the data you would like to bulk update, all at the click of a button. Read more…

Flexible Ordering

Now you can choose the order coverage period when you create the order, regardless of the order coverage parameters behind the suppliers and items. This can be beneficial for a variety of reasons; for example, when you are planning time off, if your supplier will be closed over a holiday period, or it simply suits your business to choose the order coverage date as you order. Read more…

Order Exceptions

The AGR solution now highlights deviations from the norm in the order review process. You can trust the system for most items and with these exceptions, we want to help focus your attention where it is needed. The system comes with six standard exceptions and three levels of severity. We encourage our users to define their own set of pre-defined rules and create custom order exceptions tailored to their business needs. Read more…

Order Coverage Days

How often would you like to check on the supplier’s order need? When do you need to order and for how long would you like to cover? This new feature optimizes your stock levels by suggesting order quantities only if your stock cover can not wait until your next order check. Keeping your order quantities economical, reducing handling costs, and minimizing the risk of going out of stock. Read more…

ABC Classification

You can now set, adjust, and iterate the ABC classification in the user interface where you can choose between six standard ABC parameters, and control the service level linked to each classification. Users control the level of analysis by running it across all SKU’s or down to locations and/or item groups. In your day-to-day life, we transparently visualize the importance of each SKU in the item card. As well as providing a benchmark in Items and Reports on all six parameters for ad hoc analysis.from high to low, and visualized them in the item card. The AGR system now also calculates ABC levels on all six dimensions: revenue, sold quantity, profit, sales lines (pick), cost price, and cost of goods sold, for your information and cross-analysis. Read more…

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