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Order Management
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Making the right ordering decisions: How much to order and when?

Published on:
April 27, 2022
Order Exceptions enable higher efficiency in the order review process. The AGR system now highlights deviations from the norm, both on order and order line level, that require your attention. Purchasers now have full flexibility to define their own set of rules and assign a traffic light system based on the level of severity: blue means glance at it, yellow alerts you that there is something you may wish to examine further while red signifies issues that need your immediate attention.

A visual breakdown of the order quantity adds transparency to the order formula and is a time-saver when reviewing order proposals - enabling faster, fact-driven decision-making.

In the AGR system, the user now has the flexibility to choose the order coverage when creating an order, regardless of the order coverage parameters behind the suppliers and items. This is highly beneficial, whether you are going on holiday and would like to create an order to cover the demand until you get back or it simply suits your business to choose the coverage date as you create orders.

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